UAB “Auto EDU” has joined LAUGEA

From August 2021 a company UAB „Auto EDU“ has become a new member of LAUGEA. This company develops and manufactures various training equipment and training stands for automotive systems. Auto EDU branded training stands are great tools for vocational training, auto training classes, driving schools. The company’s customers are also private car repair training organizations, manufacturers of diagnostic equipment and other companies related automotive sector.

Since 2014, the Company has been developing the Auto EDU brand in international markets and has sales partners for training stands in countries such as Germany, England, Ireland, Brazil, Egypt, Malaysia, India, Japan, Indonesia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Palestine, Latvia, Italy and others.

UAB “Auto EDU” has presented their products in international exhibitions: MIMS Moscow (Russia), AUTO & Korjaamo Helsinki (Finland), AUTOMECHANIKA Frankfurt (Germany), WORLD DIDAC BASEL (Switzerland).

Car systems training stands made by this Company:

• Training stands for petrol and diesel engine control systems simulators, ABS, lighting systems, CAN network, sensors and triggers, ignition systems training stands.

• Running training engines for cars and trucks:

• Gasoline running training engines with different engine management systems such as MPI, FSI, GDI, etc.

• Diesel running training engines with different engine control systems CR, PD, PLD, etc.

• Cut-out models: passenger cars, trucks, ships or planes, diesel and petrol engines or their components, chassis or other assemblies with technological sections.

• Specific stands for car repair shops.

Congratulations to UAB Auto EDU on joining the LAUGEA group!